The car repair process

Tustin's Panel and Paint provides a comprehensive car repair service which includes panel beating and spray painting services. The company adopts the following process when dealing with your car - be it private or insurance work:

Repair Assessment

  • A date is booked for your vehicle to be repaired or painted following either a meeting or a telephone conversation with you.
  • Details of insurance claims (where applicable), vehicle type and your contact details are recorded.
  • When your car is delivered, insurance details are checked and confirmed.
  • Vehicle information including mileage, warrant, chassis number are recorded and damage is noted.
  • We offer you one of the our courtesy cars (for a nominal fee) or you might like to use the bus service that stops outside our door.

The Internal Process

  • An estimate is prepared. Depending on the type of claim, digital images of the damage are recorded and fed onto our computer.
  • Using Auto-Quote software, an estimate is prepared and the template established for the final invoice.
  • Necessary parts are ordered and recorded on computer.
  • From the information recorded, a worksheet is produced and placed in the car for staff.
  • When parts arrived, office staff load information from the accompanying invoice onto computer and transfer it to the creditor's ledger.
  • As panel and paint staff work on vehicles, they complete timesheets which are loaded onto computer, time being allocated to specific jobs.

Car being checked by the Managing DirectorCollecting Your Repaired Car

  • At completion, the vehicle is checked by the Managing Director or the Foreman and cleaned for collection by yourself.
  • In the case of insurance claims, an invoice for the excess is generated or alternatively there is an acknowledgement that no excess is payable.
  • Your vehicle will be given back to you cleaner than when it arrived. This means making sure that no part of the panel beating and painting process adversely affects the vehicle.
  • Once ready we will contact you to collect your vehicle from the vehicle appraisal bay.

Most repairs are completed within three days. We will tell you how long the repairs will take and we will phone you to advice you when your vehicle is ready to be collected.